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Safety + Security

Safety first

Safety and security are at the base of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. We all need this basic feeling safety in order to have any hope of success in other aspects of our lives.

  • Crime prevention

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  • Security cameras

    Police are often able to move more aggressively on cases where they have high-quality video footage available of crimes in action. Many neighbors have setup surveillance cameras on their homes to help with these needs or simply to see what happens outside and near their home. These systems are not trivial or inexpensive, so BRITE is able to connect you with knowledgeable professionals or provide advice directly.

  • Community support

    In instances where targeted enforcement actions lead to court dates, the district attorney sometimes simply needs members of the community to show up in court to demonstrate community support. BRITE is happy to support these efforts by getting more people to show up in court.