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Economic Development

Investing in our community

Bayview is in the midst of a renaissance. With this evolution, comes investment at grand scale. With everything from public transportation improvements to public utility investments, developers are focused on the economic potential of Bayview.

  • Supporting jobs

    BRITE is happy to collaborate with local businesses in getting the necessary permits to grow businesses in BVHP – this is especially true when the business has local employment as part of its mission. If you're a business operator looking for support, please contact BRITE and outline your request.

  • Minimizing blight

    Blight is what happens when storefronts – or worse, entire blocks – are vacant for too long. Graffiti, broken windows, and litter are all telltale signs of blight. Blight can spread like a virus in a community, so it's best to minimize opportunities for blight. Again, the City has ordinances to protect against blight, but they need some encouragement to enforce the law. If you'd like to help with these endeavors and can spare half a Wednesday a month, please contact BRITE.

  • Vacant storefronts

    Multiple times a year, business owners ask BRITE to help them find a retail location. They're struggling because, while they see a lot of vacant storefronts in the community, they're not able to find a space to rent. We could talk for days on why this is the case, but moving forward, this is a barrier to economic development in Bayview. BRITE has compiled a list of nearly two dozen properties that should fall under existing vacant and blighted storefront legislation, but community members need to show up en masse for a few consectutive monthly Building Inspection Commission hearings in order to get them to enforce existing laws.