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Board of directors

Members of the Board

These are the folks who make BRITE happen. Thank them if you like the work BRITE does. Ask to be more engaged if you want to see improvements.

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Ann DeJesus

Board member

Ann is a founder of BRITE and has lived in the Bayview for more than a few years. She enjoys attending live theater, classical concerts, and chillin' with her doggies. If you see a neon shirt and a beaming smile in the 'hood, there's a good chance it's Ann!

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Chad White

Board Member

Chad has lived in Bayview since 2016. He values it as a shoreline community with unique opens spaces. He serves on BRITE's board to grow community environmental and economic resources and to build community so that everyone can have a sense of belonging.

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Steven Tiell

Board member

Steven and his family have been residents of the Bayview since May 2015 and moved here for the diversity, affordability, weather, and proximity to downtown and the peninsula. Steven plays underwater hockey with the San Francisco Sea Lions at MLK Pool twice a week.

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Ximena Ares

Committee Chair, Bicycle Accessibility

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Ximena and her family have lived in Bayview since 2005. Her kids grew up here. She enjoys cooking, camping, biking, and volunteering with California State Parks. She loves Bayview's strong sense of community.