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Sunshine is an asset

Bayview residents are blessed with an abundance of free, warm sunshine! Putting it to good use by planting food gardens, flowers, and trees is a nice way to share beauty with your neighbors. Another way is to maximize public utility by providing beautiful parks and recreation areas.

  • Sidewalk gardens

    If you have more than 6' of concrete between your home and the street, Markos Major might be able to help you transform your front streetscape into one of the beautiful sidewalk gardens you've seen popping up all over Bayview. With a grant from the SFPUC (andministered by Markos' group, Climate Action Now), there is virtually no cost or hoops to jump through as the homeowner. However, You will need to help with the garden installation and maybe sign up some neighbors (they like to do 5+ at a time).

  • Street trees

    Street trees have tremendous benefits for cities, and particularly issues we face in Bayview (urban trees help to increase property values, remove air pollution, reduce building energy use, improve water quality, reduce noise, etc). Don't just take our word for it, though, see this report by the USDA Forest Service on San Francisco's urban forest. See also, San Francisco's Urban Forest Plan. Friends of the Urban Forest has a number of free and reduced-cost programs to help Bayview residents add/replace street trees and sidewalk planters. They're a great group to work with.

  • Illegal dumping

    We've all seen it. It's an eyesore and inappropriate at best and a health hazard at worst, but did you know we can all contribute to its eradication? All you need to do is call 311. If it's someone else's waste, they'll dispatch DPW to come pick it up (generally within a few hours, but it could take a day or so). There's also an SF311 app available for iOS and Android.

    If you're looking for a way to get rid of your large own item waste, every NorCal Waste customer is entitled to two free large item pickups per year and you can get rid of up to 10 items in each pickup. Things like furniture, large appliances, and even construction waste are all okay. Again, all you need to do is call 311 (from within San Francisco).