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Meeting Minutes

Minutes from BRITE General Meetings

  • Lt. Lozada from SFPD Bayview Station
    • Stepped up enforcement of dirt bikes in coordination w/ outside agencies
      • First set of arrests has been made and they're all juveniles
      • Most helpful to the SFPD is:
        • phone calls to dispatch,
        • Emails
        • Photographs that include faces or type/style of motorcycle
    • Resources being dedicated to dirt bikes has meant that enforcement in other areas has declined and as a result, they've seen an uptick with issues at 3rd/Quesada/Oakdale
    • So far this year, there are 30 homicides in SF (34 at this time last year); approximately 7 of those happened in Bayview
  • Shared Schoolyards Project
    • Carver elementary school yard is currently open on the weekends (as of a couple months ago)
    • Other schools in Bayview will have open schoolyards on the weekends (generally 9-5) for kids to play, ride bikes, etc
    • In all, ~85 out of 106 school yards will participate in the program
  • Proposition Q
    • Argument FOR (presented by Supervisor Farrell)
      • Previous costs used to be ~$350/mo and now the cost is $1,100-1,200/mo
      • Sup. Farrel does not believe anyone is getting healthier living in tent communities
        • 73 fires so far this year; over 100 last year
        • Over a dozen documented rapes
        • 24 hours notice
        • What the legislation wants to do:
          • Some place to put them
            • Shelter
            • Operation homeward bound (pays bus fare or plane ticket to house the homeless person with a family member)
            • Store your belongings for up to 90 days
          • Does NOT say, "we're taking your tent, good luck."
        • Some people want to stay homeless; and the city does not believe this is a positive path forward
    • Argument AGAINST (presented by Kelly Cutler - Coalition on Homelessness)
      • There's nothing about housing in Prop Q
      • Nobody is advocating FOR tents as permanent housing
      • 887 people on the shelter waitlist
      • Homeless Emergency Service Providers are opposed to this
      • We have a great group of homeless services in the City, but they need more than 24 hours to setup services for tent encampments before they are torn down
  • BUILD India Basin Shoreline
    • 17 acres owned by BUILD; ~20 acres owned by SF Rec+Park
    • 1,240 residential units
    • Full public access to the shoreline
    • Missing link to the blue-greenway project
    • They do have a commercial option that would remove ~500 units of housing and add up to 600,000 square feet of commercial space, but they doubt they would have the commercial commitments to do that
    • Construction to begin mid- late-2018
    • Goal is to have a major supermarket; to that end, BUILD is including functional loading bays and parking
In lieu of our August 20th meeting, BRITE hosted a party at Laughing Monk Brewing

19 participants plus 2 officers
Pat mcNichol and Tommy Fong officers present
Imprint City,is a 501c3 business on Egbert Avenue, 4 businesses on Egbert: Laughing Monk, etc. want to activate area. Have had a variety of events bringing out about 100 people each. From 2-10 Sparc Festival, First Annual on 3rd and Jennings. Next weekend is a Tribe City Festival. Celebration of African American Culture. Final festival is Bayview Live end of October. Science technology environment and math forms STEM. OCT 22 noon to 7. Looking at 400-500 people today. Not free. $20 fee to Bayview residents. Funding comes from different funding streams. Some is self funded. Laughing Monk will donate back 1$ for every drink sold. Motley array of funding sources. Want the companies to invest more in the Bayview population to recruit kids and teach coding. There is an application process. Kids think coding is tedious and boring. If they know it leads to more exciting Tech companies are desperate for coders. They may pay as much as $100,000. Right now there is no pipeline Only 5% of students take computer sciences. Needs to be a way to access out of school programs. Often neighborhoods like Bayview get left behind. Tech companies need a pipeline to channel kids into coding jobs. Mission Bit is now in Bayview.
City College has a program to work on this pipeline. Tyra does not ascribe to these groups. There has to be will to create a pipeline.

Jennifer Burden couldn't make it today. Sgt. Tommy Fong and officer Pat mcNichol. Goal is to develop solutions not to complain about crime. Pat McNichol Used to be the Third street foot beat officer and was n a bike. Now he's in a car. Officer for about 8 years. What are your main concerns?
Well known drug dealer near my house, reporting to captain. We don't see anything being done,
A. We are working on this case. Spoke to captain about it. 4 officers are assigned to this small project whenever they're free. Might be a situation where we have to sit watch wait before we act.
Q. Fireworks. Media said illegal fireworks will not be tolerated any longer. This 4th was the worst I've ever experienced ever.
A. Very difficult because people are actually shooting off guns. No reports of anyone hurt or injured. Tough night to work.
Q. Led to believe it wouldn't be tolerated. Big disappointment.
A. Cited and arrested individuals on July 4.
Comment: You have to pick and choose what to deal with on 4th.
People come to Bayview to blow things up. Why not intervene.
A. Side shows at Candlestick with cars doing wheelies.
Q. Can devices distinguish between gun fire and fireworks.
A. Somewhat. Most of the time officer can distinguish difference, but other noises set shot spotter off.
Q. Are they mobile. Could they be installed on telephone poles?
A. It shows us on a map. But on July 4th, machine is out of control.
Q. Urination in driveways. Parking in driveways.
A. Sergeant has taken this on as personal project. Public Urination is a crime.Jennings and Revere market have similar issues. Call non emergency number. One resident just goes out and chases them.
Q. Is this a matter of lighting?
A. Lighting is not a deterrent. We will go after them.
Q. Third and Oakdale whole combination of things. Urination, they don't care. Hanging out in front of neighbors house. Hide their drugs at neighbors house. Pull into her driveway, play music loud. Park in other driveways, in the car sleeping. Same people come everyday like they have a job. Dealing drugs. Take weed out of car and carry on their business. When the police come, they warn each other.
A. Had 3 good arrests on third and Oakdale. Can't stand dirt bikers. Tough to stop. Policy is not to chase. One of senior guys watched them from afar and waited til they parked.. Bike was stolen. Confiscated bike.
Q. What happens to stolen bikes.
A. Return to owner if possible. Can confiscate for 30 days.
Q In NYC they destroyed all confiscated bikes.
Tyra : tough job. People are unemployable, no jobs. These are other deep issues beyond just enforcing law.
A. Tries to talk to kids on the side.
Hard to chase down quality of life crimes. You are dealing with real crimes.
Comment: efforts have not been effective. Where can we go? Can we refer it out?
A. City is not short of resources. Has gotten shelter for people loitering in Mendell Plaza. Where do we go from here? Whatever you guys have been doing, we need more.
Comment. We see you here but not on the street.
A. Cannot reveal undercover activities.
Has anyone ever gone to the dea to enlist their help? Do you coordinate with these other agencies.
A. We have in other neighborhoods. We have gotten keys from neighbors but we don't want them seen. If I have access, I will not tell anyone.
Tommy Fong has this as a side project.
Where are your area of focus in the Bayview?
A. We try to make as many arrests as possible. Entire Bayview is my district.
Comment: seems like a lot of bullshit.
Comment: we have to reintroduce every time.
A. I want to work with you guys to solve these problems.
C: we've lost faith.
How do we get Bayview station to end these drug crimes.
Have to ask is crime just being contained?
Q. What are the specific obstacles to arresting PJoint? What do you need from the community to get this guy off the street?
A. We need to actually observe drug dealing. Can possibly move to arrest with cameras. Need to present a case to DA. NEED HIGH DEF. CAMERA EVIDENCE. need to collect video evidence.
C: my assumption is that you let it stay so it doesn't move to another neighborhood.
A. We do make arrests. We haven't stopped making arrests there. Well keep doing what we're doing.
C. You have to wonder how long it would take to contain drug business in Pacific Heights.
Tyra. From Imprint City Disinfranchised population in Bayview Unfortunate part is that people get swept up in out migration that are good people. We appreciate your coming out. But this is an overwhelming issue not solved by police department alone. This is a way deeper issue, social issue.
Enforcement is a different bucket than prevention. This will be a trail of tears for years. To get to root of problem needs multiple contacts besides police.
Q. Could police talk to the owner of the house on Third and Oakdale.
Q. Do laws on public nuisance apply here and how they might be used. If something is impacting a home or a neighborhood, a judgment if rendered can close it down.
More discussion on legalities. Too much to write about.
Need to contact supervisor about installing public toilets.
Arresting people is putting a bandaid on a deeper issue. What are out crime prevention programs.?
Seems that attitude of city is to wait out the out migration.
YMCA. officer plays basketball with youth. Organized a trip for Bayview youth. Trying to get to youth before they make such bad decisions they can't come back.
Q. When did you start in Bayview? When captain Bruce was at Bayview there was an institution of these kinds of things. Need more contacts that are peaceful. What programs have been continued?
A. Want officers out there engaging with the community. Police dept. has a unit that goes out and does these projects eg garden project. Give job for summer with stipend pay. Lots of interaction with police officers.
Pressure should be on DAs office.
There is a whole realm of issues. Fewer officers now. Have to do more with less. Won't let an officer that doesn't meet standards continue. City is consistently hiring. 50 people per academy. In his class 40 made it through academy and 2 got fired during field training. No predicting how many make it through.
Are there any programs to encourage kids to get into police force.
PAL is one. Need to go into neighborhoods and encourage kids to go into police force.

Next BRITE meeting August 20

Meeting started at 10:15am.


• Not getting much response to repeated offers to help owners rent, clean up, or fix up storefronts along Third St—letters, phone calls, and visits. 
• Notifying owners of a new SF law that requires owners to register empty storefronts and pay a $780 annual fee; failure to register results in fines of up to nine times the fee. Another new law requires that two-thirds of each storefront be unobstructed so that people can see inside. 
• Seeking to work with the Office of Economic and Workforce Development funds the Economic Development on Third (EDOT) program. 

• Craftsmen and Wolves chef is opening a café on Yosemite/Keith, across from his catering kitchen (Outfit Generic). Planning to open in about six weeks.
• Joe Garvey (Clash, Urban Putt, Romper Room) is looking for a space on Third St to open a bar (between Galvez and Yosemite). 
• Radio Africa now open from noon to 8:00pm, and Community Tuesdays are back. 
• Old Skool planning a morning coffee cart in Mendell Plaza; also planning to start serving lunch (Wed.-Sat.?). 
• Public Glass is hopeful about negotiations for a new lease—BRITE has written a support letter. Hot Glass Cold Beer event sold out last month (500+ attended) for the first time. 

SHIPYARD UPDATE (Linda Parker Pennington)
• First 24 families (“Visionaries”) have moved in, and the Storehouse (at the Shipyard gate) is open.
• Block party in the works – possibly during the Shipyard Open Studios (Oct. 17 and 18). 

• Chronic loitering, urination, littering, and paintballing (for a month straight!) by large groups at Quesada and Third; drug dealing across the street. 
• Drug activity on Oakdale between Third and Lane has also increased—two buildings in particular. (Probably a migration from Mendell Plaza after cameras were installed outside Old Skool.) 
• Similar problems outside Friendly Liquors on Thomas, and the corner store on Revere. 
• SFPD Bayview station issues a biweekly newsletter. You can subscribe and get a biweekly email: go to click on the link at the bottom-right. 

• Immediate neighbors can document incidents and file nuisance suits against businesses that facilitate illegal activity. 
• While gun violence is an understandable priority, neighbors are asking police to treat chronic infractions as part of their overall enforcement plan. 
• Also seeking accountability from the city’s Street Violence Intervention Program, which is supposed to offer alternative paths (rehab, training, jobs, etc.), like Operation Ceasefire. Program director Kate McCracken has not responded to BRITE boardmember Jonathan Germain’s requests for a meeting. NEIGHBORS, PLEASE CALL OF EMAIL (415-554-4793, TO PRESSURE HER INTO MEETING WITH JONATHAN.

At 10:10 a.m.  BRITE board member Ann deJesús introduced other board members and reviewed the agenda. 

Board updates:  Board member Alka gave an update on Richmond’s “Ceasefire” program,  the focus of the May general meeting.  SFOP, the sister organization in SF that wants to implement a similar program in Bayview told us that the project will be a long process and will probably take until year-end to assign a working group.


Community Business Updates: 

  • Today is the opening of Butcher Town Gourmet at Williams and Third. They will be serving wine, fresh bread etc. Andrew


  • Andrew Casteel gave an update of his developing business, Laughing Monk Brewery.  Hoping to be open by October 30th,  LMB is a Belgian California brewery with a tasting room on 1439 Egbert just off Third.  LMB donates beer to nonprofit events, including a special Bayview gay freedom event taking place tonight.


  • LMB is hoping to hire locally and will be looking for staff with brewing experience. Upcoming hires to include salespeople and someone to run the front house bar along with production staff.  A question about brewery smells arose.  Mr. Casteel stated that Laughing Monk will have only about 30 barrels and will be located in an industrial not residential area.  There will be an “oatmeally” smell similar to malt. Not displeasing.


  • The next BRITE Business Alliance meeting is June 25 at Radio Africa. Topic is social media for small business and nonprofits.


SFPUC  Presentation:

  • Al Williams, community outreach for a special SFPUC billion dollar project, introduced the PUC's major upgrades of the sewer system’s Biosolids project. The PUC wants people to have info about the Southeast treatment plants improvement. The Southeast plant treats 80% of waste. Storm water filled with grease and oil is treated before running back to Bay. Salts and air is added to the liquid to disinfect it thru chlorination before it is returned to the Bay.  There are two main sewer facilities (one of which is the Southeast plant in the Bayview) plus a 3rd one which becomes activated during heavy rains.  2nd treatment plant is underneath the SF Zoo.


  • This billion dollar sewer project can be a source of training and employment opportunities for the Bayview community.  Timeline construction is 2017 thru 2022.


  • Some Concerns/Questions from audience:  Is there a model or similar rendering for this upcoming plant? Yes, Washington, D.C. Water is starting one with similar technology, as is Dallas, TX and several locations in Europe.
    • What will happen with old digesters? We will have to build new plant. Old ones have to remain functional for a few years to make for a smooth transition.
    • How many people is this new site designed for? Population projection is a little over a million.  Are the day workers (people who work in SF; but live elsewhere) factored in? Yes


  • There will be a meeting Thursday evening July 16, 2015 at 1800 Oakdale. You are encouraged to attend and voice any concerns you may have. Go to www.SF to schedule a tour of the plant the 4th Saturday of the month. 


Proposed Housing Development by Alfred McAfee at 4230 Third Street:

  • Alfred McAfee, owner of One Hour Martinizing on Third Street, has been a business owner in Bayview for about 40 years.  He is proposing tearing down his existing building and creating a 6-unit building 6 stories tall.  Units will be 2000+ sq. ft.  
  • Parking will be in the structure itself.  20% of housing will be "affordable." 
  • Zoning is for light manufacturing.  Current code is 65 feet but this development area does not have to conform to code - M1 zoning. Under zoning this would be conditional and would need community support.
  • One of the key challenges facing this development is: dealing with the Office of Community Development and Infrastructure. This project has not been able to move past the discussion phase.


Report from the District Attorney’s Office:

  • ADAs Marisa Rodriguez and Alex presented next. Both work on policy.
  • After checking conviction rates, the topic of the March 21 BRITE meeting, they found that In 2014 only 111 of the 120 cases brought to the DA were viable for prosecution. Of those, approx. 70 were prosecuted.  Conferring with Commander O'Sullivan, the DA determined that 0 cases were handled improperly. Apologies for time it's taken to present this info to BRITE and for the absence of Commander O'Sullivan could not make this meeting today.
  • BRITE member Jonathan recognizes there will be ongoing disagreements between DAs office and police department. However, our goal is to reduce gun-related violence. Commander O'Sullivan reported that the SFPD has now reduced the turnaround time on gun-related DNA results to 30 to 90 days, but it should be closer to 2 to 3 days.
  • ADA Alex response:  FBI takes 2-3 days. We don't have the resources of the federal government.  Santa Clara PD takes 2-3 weeks, which is the highest standard for a city government. DAs office is trying to reduce recidivism. This can include jobs. Experiencing the highest conviction rates of 4 decades- 24%. Have to be strategic about what they ask for in terms of resources. This time around they were interested in more rape kits. Super underfunded.
  • Audience: Arresting people is not crime prevention. Gun DNA question about gun itself. Where did the gun come from? Why is it so hard to keep guns out of neighborhood?
  • ADAs: We do California DOJ check to try to find out where gun comes from. Cow Palace Gun Show is very concerning and alarming. Has heard left over guns get sold at really low price. Need to limit sale of guns in SF. Needs to be a concentrated effort to keep that from happening. NRA fights this tooth and nail. Gov. Brown vetoed proposal to cancel gun show.  90% of people charged will come back to community at some point.
  • Audience: A person can't be charged until DNA is processed?
  • ADAs: Correct. Judges and attorneys are very careful not to violate a person’s civil liberties.


Bayview SFPD Report:

  • Valerie Mathews reported on recent crime incidents where undercover officers arrested 2 people for dealing drugs at 3rd and Palou and other crimes.
  • The Audience expressed concern about crime in Bayview especially the triangle area bordering Palou and Oakdale on Third aka Mendell Plaza.  Dialogue centered on people (mostly kids hanging out there).  While it was recognized that hanging out is not wrong, negative actions can happen as a result of large groups being idle with little to do. 
  • Audience: the Board of Supervisors is considering linking staffing levels to population increases as indicated by the City Charter.
  • Mathews suggested that we write letters on issues which we are concerned about.  She shared that Potrero Hill came together and wrote letters to the District Attorney which resulted in changes being made.  BRITE has a letter template on its listserv if you are interested in writing letters/e-mails of support.

Companies Hiring:

BRITE member Alka reported that at SFO has lots of jobs.  Passenger service, cargo service, operations. 

Audience: Contact community ambassadors to see about the possibility of publicizing these jobs. How else can we best get ahold of those people hanging out on Third?

Bayview CAC Report:

  • Resident Daynas Corman, member of CAC, reported on 2 upcoming proposed developments.  
  • 17 Housing Unites at the top of Third and Jamestown
  • 54 micro units at Third between Innes and Hudson; units ranging from 300 to 700 sq., feet.
  • Daynas encouraged the audience to give thought as to what our view of Bayview’s future should be? Single dwellings or high rise units?  It is necessary to look at infrastructure as well as housing. We need more density in order to have our [Bayview/District 10’s] collective voice heard at city hall. Daynas invited us to attend a CAC meeting usually held at the Bayview library. 


Meeting adjourned at 11:45am.

  • MTA - Robert Lim
    • T-line
      • Weekend service has increased
      • Up 3% on on-time performance from 2015
      • 2 goals on 3rd St:
        • Reduce number of collisions
        • Improve efficiency
      • Flashing light signals for "train coming" signage
        • Cost is ~$500k-$1m
    • Other initiatives:
      • Pedestrian recall -- trying to remove the barrier of having to press the button to cross streets perpendicular to 3rd St (and making it more pedestrian friendly)
      • Reinforcing "no left turn" barriers
        • Some beta versions are currently in the Dogpatch
      • Geneva bus rapid transit will connect Balboa BART to the Candlestick development
      • Palou Ave Streetscape Improvement
  • Community desires for additional meetings:
    • Update on wastewater treatment plant
    • FUF + CAN!
    • DPW + NorCal Waste